PokéZine 4

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40 pgs
8.5" x 5.5"

PokéZine 4 is a print zine containing Pokémon-inspired trading cards. It features artwork by an incredible cast of 36 illustrators and graphic designers.

Each artist illustrated their take on a chosen card from the Base Set of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this January.

PokéZines 1-3 were standard print zines each themed around a Pokémon type (Ghost, Ice & Glitch respectively). Combined, these feature contributions from over 100 artists worldwide!

Following the previous PokéZines, PZ4 offers a twist—it’s a zine with cards inside. It aims to give viewers a nostalgic ping that transports them back to the playground in 1999, trading Pokémon cards with their classmates. PZ4 hopes to ignite memories of lugging your favorite, most prized cards around in a plastic binder. Back then, some video game magazines came with promo cards soft-glued inside, so inspiration was drawn from that as well.

The back of each card features a unique emblem. These are inspired by all manner of Pokémon lore—gym badges from the games, decals from other TCG sets, design queues from misc. Pokémon & even a sequence in the anime where our hero Ash dreamt up what his future badges look like.

Each trading card is soft-glued to the page, so please remove them gently if you’d like to view.



Afonso Ferreira
Ana Benaroya
Andrew Noël
Anna Rose
Byron B
Camryn Adjodha
Chris Passabet
Daniel Guerrero Fernández
Grace Danico
Iain Burke
Ian Andersen
Jackie Ferrentino
Jake Lawrence
Jenn Liv
Jenny Zych
Jestenia Southerland
Jordan Rosenberg
KC Green
Kelsey Wroten
Kevin Jay Stanton
Lauren Sassen
Leigh Davis
Lottie Pencheon
Megan Brennan
Miranda Harmon
Nathan Mendel
Opal Pence
Rachel Simone Weil
Tara Helfer
Walter P
Zipeng Zhu


Designed by Jordan Rosenberg. Conceptualized by Jordan Rosenberg & Jonathan Visconti. Printed in NYC, 2019.


Photos by Kermit Mercado